Manbily in The 22nd(2020) Shanghai International Photographic Equipment and Digital Imaging Exhibition

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Update time : 2022-01-07 17:40:37
ABOUT THE Exhibition
This exhibition is the first exhibition of the photographic equipment industry in 2020. Being able to report this exhibition smoothly during the epidemic will give us more confidence in the development of the photographic equipment industry. As a photographic equipment industry, Manbily also actively participated in this event and brought everyone the latest products
In this exhibition, we respectively displayed the tripod support series, fill light series, recording microphone series products, and also displayed some new products
Every exhibition allows more people to know Manbily and learn more about manbily's product information. Manbily has also won more people’s love through the exhibition, and hope to see Manbily among more domestic and foreign photography enthusiasts in the near future.


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