The 23rd(2021) China International Photographic Machinery, Imaging Equipment and Technology Expo(China P&E)

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Update time : 2021-12-31 10:46:00
P&E is currently recognized as the most authoritative photographic equipment expo in Asia, and is one of the world's three major international video exhibitions. Foshan Teda Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd. has been invited to participate in this industry event for many consecutive years. As a brand of tripods and fill lights, Manbilly has been recognized by many film friends. This time, Manbily exhibited its Many series of products.
In this exhibition, the new YS-254 special shape centre axis tripod was exhibited for the first time.
This tripod mainly solves the problem of large storage volume and insufficient height of the currently commercially available tripods. The storage width is only 6.8CM. As a lightweight tripod designed for shooting, it greatly solves the problem of inconvenience when going out. It adopts the patented technology of oil-free trigger, which is convenient to adjust the angle; the central axis is inverted, only need 5 seconds; expand 1/4 interface, camera and phone can record at the same time.

The new products have attracted the attention of many viewers, who have picked up and tried out the products.

At the exhibition, a desktop tripod of the vlog series was also launched.

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